Thursday, October 28, 2010

List of 36: Good Things About the Red Sox NOT Making the Playoffs

1. They get a better draft pick

2. I don’t have to worry about Buchholz hurting his elbow

3. They didn’t end the ALCS with a called third strike

4. They don’t need to play in SF in October

5. I don’t have to listen to Joe Morgan

6. I can save money on World Series tickets

7. They can’t be swept in a series

8. They didn’t have to face David Price

9. I don’t have to spend money on a World Championship hat

10. I don’t need to listen to Tim McCarver

11. They didn’t have to pitch to Josh Hamilton

12. They’re more motivated in 2011

13. I can focus on the Patriots

14. They can’t lose the World Series

15. I don’t need to stay up late

16. Theo will be motivated to have a productive offseason

17. They don’t have to face Tim Lincecum

18. The Yankees aren’t winning the World Series either

19. I don’t need to listen to Tim McCarver

20. They didn’t have to face Cliff Lee

21. They get to save money on rings

22. The 2011 home opener pregame ceremony is shorter

23. I don’t need to sit outside on an October night

24. They have more time to complete improvements to Fenway Park

25. They don’t need to kill grass by painting playoff logos on it

26. They save salary by not paying out World Series MVP bonuses

27. I can focus on Liverpool FC

28. They still have the most World Series titles in the decade

29. They don’t have to fly cross-country for the World Series

30. I don’t need to listen to Tim McCarver

31. They can objectively scout Cliff Lee

32. They save electricity by not lighting World Series night games

33. I can focus on the Celtics

34. They get extra time to negotiate with free agents

35. They can’t lose a World Series game to Ramon Ramirez

36. I don’t need to listen to Tim McCarver

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