Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playoff Preview

Yeah, I know the Sox aren’t playing baseball anymore. It’s not a lot of fun watching other teams duke it out for the top prize. But, if I don’t give my predictions, I can’t talk about how I was right all along on the off chance that I actually get one right. And, really, with four series to predict, I have to at least get one right? Then, if I crow about that one enough, maybe everyone will forget the three I get wrong. Isn’t that how the pros do it? So, while it pains me not to put “Red Sox” next to any of the winners, here’s how I see the divisional series playing out.

New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins

Frankly, even if the Yankees rotation consisted of Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, and Pedro Martinez, I doubt I’d be able to bring myself to predict a victory for them. Thankfully, the rotation doesn’t have any of those guys. In 1999, the Red Sox were able to beat the mighty Cleveland Indians with a rotation of Pedro Martinez and five other guys who threw the ball. The Yankees will try to do the same this season. Frankly, the divisional series is their best chance to pull it off. But, I still can’t see it. I think the rest of the Yankees pitchers are so bad, that it’ll be hard to win the other game they need. God forbid, if Liriano should out-pitch Sabathia, it will be over quickly. I’m going to go with the slow and stead route. I’m thinking a Twins victory in game five will make Those Girls mighty happy.

Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays

One of these years, the Rangers will win a playoff series, right? Unfortunately, it won’t be this year. The Rays are just too balanced. They have a well-rounded offense, and a fantastic pitching staff. The Rangers have Cliff Lee, who will prevent a sweep. But, much like his former teammate, the single ace won’t be enough this time. With David Price there to cancel him out, the Rangers will have a hard time. A Rays series victory in four games will make Jessica over at Her Rays glad to be a Tampa Bay fan.

Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants

I’ve decided that one ace isn’t enough to advance in a playoff series. Luckily, the Giants have two. With Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, the Giants are the 2001 D-backs of this year’s playoffs. If you have to face one of those two guys at least three times, that’s a big problem. Sending Bobby Cox off to retirement with a World Championship would be a great story, for sure. But, unfortunately, Disney isn’t writing this year’s playoffs. I see the Giants prevailing in four games, making A Giants Blog forget the days when everyone actually cheered Barry Bonds.

Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies

I wish I had better news for Nachos Grande. But, remember how I said the Giants two aces made them favorites? Yeah, well, the Phillies have another ace on top of that. Oh, and an amazing offense to back them all up. You may beat on of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise knows as Halladay-Hamels-Oswalt. But, two? Three? Nope. Not going to happen. I hate to predict a sweep since anything can happen in any game. But, I can’t see how the Reds even keep this one close. Jim should have no trouble in adding a NLDS Championship t-shirt to his Phillies Room. Although, he should probably just wait for the World Championship version in a few weeks.

I wonder if I’ll get any right.


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