Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Sixth Anniversary!

That’s right. It was six years ago today that Edgar Redteria hit the ground ball that was stabbed by Foulke. After the underhand flip to first, the Red Sox were world champions, and our world was changed forever. I still remember the sense of satisfaction that came over me. I didn’t jump around like I did when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in 2001. I just sat the looking at the TV. It was completely relief. Finally, things would be different. And, they were.

Speaking of Renteria, I was reminded of him this week. Not just because his team has another chance for him to get another ring. But, it was the curious case of Bengie Molina. Since Molina was traded from the Giants to the Rangers midseason, he stands to earn a World Series ring no matter which team wins. That’s an interesting problem to have. I have no idea what Molina’s contract status is for next year, and I’m too lazy to look it up. But, if the Giants win the series, and Molina’s with Texas next year…how does he get his ring? Do they just hand it to him in the tunnel like Nomar did when he got his ring from ’04? Does he get a ceremony in San Francisco? Would the Rangers do something for him? Can you imagine giving him a Giants World Series championship ring in Texas next season? Do the fans applaud for him? Which brings be back to Edgar Renteria. Obviously, after the Sox beat his Cardinals for the 2004 title, he signed with the Red Sox. But, the Cardinals still owed him an NL championship ring. So, when the Sox visited St Louis, they presented it to him during an on-field ceremony. I always wondered what his new teammates said to him when he got back to the dugout. “Nice ring. Kinda small, though.” “Where are all the diamonds?” “Why don’t you get a real ring?” So Bengie Molina faces a similar issue next season. No matter what, he’ll need to get a ring of some sort. I just really wonder how he’ll get it.

Which brings us back to tonight’s game 1 of the 2010 World Series. Do I pick the San Francisco Giants, or the Texas Rangers? Sure, there are lots of things to consider. Texas beat the Yankees, so that always earns them a place in my heart. Plus, the Giants wouldn’t play the Red Sox in 1904, costing the Sox a possible World Series victory. Those are two checks on the side of the Rangers. But, the Giants have Renteria, who I always thought got a raw deal here in Boston, and the Bengie Molina story. I’m not looking forward to an entire offseason of Josh Hamilton stories. But, Brian Wilson’s beard is beyond ridiculous. The Rangers have Cliff Lee, but the Giants have Tim Lincecum. It’s back and forth. In the end, I think my curiosity over Molina is going to win out. I’ll be picking them to win the series. Not that who I pick really matters. I can’t see myself being awake for the end of any of the games anyway. But, you heard it here first…or at least most recently.

Giants in six.

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