Monday, June 5, 2023

2023 Panini USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Blaster!

Yeah, this is a weird one today. I keep seeing these on the shelf and thinking they might be fun. Who knows, maybe in a few years they players will have made a name for themselves and I'll have something pretty cool. Or, I could hold onto an autographed card of a fourteen year old for no reason whatsoever. (That definitely didn't happen to me) (Oh, who am I kidding) So, anyway, here we go. No Red Sox cards in this box, obviously. So, here's what I assume to be the best card in each pack.

Here's the box if you decide you'd like to look for one yourself. Or, run far away as fast as you can.

And the packs.

And the first card. Pretty basic card design. I see that Mr. Cupp here is on the 18U National Team. So, a high schooler? But, I assume, a very good one.

Here's a fancy bordered shiny parallel of Ty Southisene here.

And here's a regular bordered shiny card of Michael Torres. At the very least there's plenty of variety. And if Torres, or any other player in the set, becomes a star I assume these parallels will be good cards to have. I just may have to wait.

Another fancy bordered card of a 18U team member. I think there are other team options in the set. I just realized I'm not showing any of them.

One more shiny stripe bordered card. That should probably be the base option for a set called "stars and stripes".

Here's one of the two promised hits. A fun foiled jersey card.

And the other hit is this nice auto. Mr. McGee appears to be in the National Team Development Program. I have no idea what that means. But, I now have his autograph. It's a nice looking card, even if it took me a long time to finally decide it wasn't severely off centered.

So, there you have it. Team USA players and potential future future stars. I guess it was fun in a "worse than opening Bowman packs" sort of way.

Have you opened any of this?

How did it go?

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