Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Let's COM See Some Cards!

It's apparently been quite a while, so I decided it was finally time to request another shipment from COMC. Usually I buy cards, list them for resale at a way to high price and then when the stack is big enough I request shipment. The pile had finally reached the point where I wanted them in my hands. So, I requested shipment. Sort of an odd assortment this time. But randomness can be fun, right?

Let's have a look, shall we?

Right off the bat, I bet you didn't expect this one. It occurred to me recently that stars in some other sports can be had quite cheaply. I wondered for a moment, how would a GOAT collection look? I already had the cheapest (?) Tom Brady RC. If you called him the Football GOAT....I have a Bill Belichick the coaching GOAT? Now this Serena...the Tennis GOAT? It started to sound like fun. So I made a lowball offer on this, and it was accepted. I wonder who else I can add relatively cheaply. Any suggestions? Tony Hawk? 

Two reason for this one. First, it's one of those cards I always wanted, but never got around to picking up. Second, I wondered how hard it would be to put together a collection of the RC of players who appeared in/at the 1999 All-Star game in Fenway. With two decent reasons to buy this card, I decided it was worth a shot. I actually bought a few of these as ones I bought and then listed before shipping kept selling. So, with the flipping profits, this one was basically free. No idea why it works like that sometimes.

Same reason on this card. One of those I always wanted, and a 1999 ASG representative.

This one just called to me...and I'm really not sure why.

Another one from the theme. Yet another 1999 ASG player that I never thought I could afford. I actually had a graded one I was going to ship, but it sold right before I was ready. So, this ungraded copy was especially cheap.

How could I not own this card? Yaz? 1967? What was I waiting for. I felt I just needed to increase the vintage Yaz corner of my collection.

Bought this one a while ago. Finally decided that rather than lose money trying to dump it, I should just keep it.

Seemed like a card I should have. Another one that I funded partially by flipping lower value cards of his. Weird stuff.

I don't even want to know how many of these I had at one time. But, he started the 1999 ASG.

See Larkin,Barry.

I had been looking around at vintage league leaders as a way to add other stars cheaply, and still focusing on the Red Sox collection. So, this card further increases my vintage Yaz corner, but suddenly starts the vintage Killebrew and Robinson corners.

Like Dalbec, I was sitting on this long enough I decided it should just join my collection.

Like the Yaz-Killebrew-Robinson, I was able to add some non Sox stars by accident. While not a rookie, this early Murphy gets to sneak into the collection.

And, I mean, who doesn't love this card? A RC of a Sox Hall of Famer is hard to pass up.

And, there they are. I don't think I've ever been this scattered with a shipment. But, that's part of the fun.

Which is what collecting is supposed to be!


  1. Nice pickups! I like the 1999 All-Star Game idea!

  2. Love the creativity behind collecting rookie cards of the 99 All-Star Game participants. And getting them for essentially free is even better.


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