Monday, February 6, 2023

Go Red! 2020 Topps Opening Day Target Red Foil Andrew Benintendi

February is American Heart Month. As a nod to the Go Red for Women activities going on this month to help raise awareness, I thought I'd contribute several "red" themed posts sprinkled throughout the month. Here's the next one.

Let's talk about this card...

I'll never quite know what happened with Benintendi. Considering he was such a big draft pick, it seemed like the organization was never really in love with him. I always assumed that professional talent evaluators were able to pick up on something I couldn't. But, it seemed like he was a better player than he ever showed. Or got the chance to show.

The card itself is fun. The red foil cards always work better on Red Sox cards, or obvious reasons. The photo in this case is a nice image for the very narrow vertical space allowed on the 2020 Topps cards. I only wish he wasn't wearing the blue jersey. The home whiles would probably work better with the red borders. Can't have everything I suppose.


If you are able, I highly recommend you support the American Heart Association's efforts with a donation. You can find the link here.

Support the efforts to Go Red for Women!

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  1. We'll always have that playoff catch against the Astros!


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