Monday, January 17, 2022

Was Jon Lester Any Good?

With the news of his retirement from baseball still fresh in my mind, I was thinking about Lester today. I wondered how he performed in games I attended. I assumed I had seen him pitch quite a bit. So, I flipped through my scorebook so to see how he did while I was keeping score.

Ok. Two? I only saw him pitch twice? Well, I only scored a game he pitched twice? That's like John Smoltz level viewership. I'm not even sure how that happened. But, that's what we have.

So, even though it's not exactly a representative sample, how did he do in the games I scored?

Well, he had a .500 record. A bit below his Boston career average. His 2.67 ERA was a good clip. Even better than his career numbers would suggest.

What if we extrapolated those number over a full 32-start season? Obviously his percentages would be the same. a 16-win campaign would be the third highest of his career. The 208 strikeouts would be a solid accomplishment, good for fourth highest of his career.

So I think it's fair to say I pretty much saw the standard Jon Lester in my two outings. Nothing too exciting, but two solid starts.

How did Lester do when you were in the park?


  1. I saw him pitch once. It was his rookie season, 2006, in Kansas City. He was incredibly inconsistent that season. Unfortunately, I saw one of his down games. He threw five innings, gave up four runs, six hits and three walks. He struck out five, but took the loss.


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