Thursday, December 2, 2021

2021 Topps Stadium Club Blaster!

It's time for another blaster! This is the first blaster of 2021 Stadium Club I've opened. I've always been a big Stadium Club fan, like many of us, going back to when I shelled out big bucks for the 1991 Phil Plantier RC. Oh well.

Let's see how this one went!

Yup. There's the box.

Topps seems determined to put things inside Stadium Club blasters that are impossible to store. First those widevision things, and now these monstrosities. I never understood the master photo concept, even back in the day. So, they trim a little bit of the border off a photo before making a card? Cool, I guess.

Here are the packs. 

And the base card. As always, the picture is the focus and any graphics barely intrude upon it. Not sure I can ask for much more out of a design.

I liked the concept of these in 1995 following the work stoppage. They provided "what if" stats extrapolating the season to a full 162 games. Same thing here. How good was Story's 2020 when using his projected stats?

Love the sepia parallels too. For a set focused on photography, that's a great touch.

Here's the closest thing to a Red Sox player in the box. It's even a red foil variation, which is fun. A nicely cropped portrait of 'Tendi.

Which means the box was a bit of a dud. I looked for the autographs that the box advertised, and didn't see any. Didn't see much of anything, really.

But, it was still fun!

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