Thursday, June 17, 2021

2021 Bowman Blaster!

I got a package from Target! That's always the best feeling. Well, the best feeling since they stopped selling cards in-store. It was obviously more fun to see them sitting on the shelf since you could, you know, just buy them and open them. Now you have to buy them...wait forever...then open. Oh well. I was able to sang a few blasters unexpectedly not long ago, and they finally arrived. Let's see how the first one went.

Let's get to it!

Here's what the box looks like.

As promised, there were six packs in the box.

The problem with Bowman is that many of the players in the set are years away from the majors, so you tend to get lots of cards of guys you've never heard of. Which might be why they were available for me to purchase...just a bit harder to flip. But, that's not the case when you get one of the Red Sox top prospects who is banging at the door to the major leagues. I've definitely heard of this guy.

Another guy I've heard of. One of the pieces, although a replacement part, that came back in the Mookie Betts deal...Downs is easy to remember with a first name like that. Soon he'll be the best Jeter to ever play at Fenway.

Of course, the other problem with Bowman is that the design isn't very creative. It never is. Not sure why. Does Topps assume the people buying the cards are hard-core investors who aren't buying cards they like the look of? It's not like people are buying these cards because they happen to like the set. They're buying them for the rookie hits. Probably before even bothering to look at the cards themselves.

Also got this numbered parallel of a Phillies top pick. See? Can't flip this. Gonna have to sit on it to see if he's everything the Phillies hope he is.

Overall, not a bad box. A couple Red Sox prospects, and someone to watch.

How did you box go?

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