Thursday, February 25, 2021

1975 Topps Page by Page: Page 47 (415-423)

I'm sure that you all remember that I finally completed my 1975 Topps set.

Now that it's done I thought it would be fun to look through the set and talk about it. Going page by page seemed like a good way to go about it. Hopefully you find it interesting to read what I have to say.

How about we continue with page 47?

Red Sox Cards on the Page  

0. This is getting old.

Cards that make the 1975 Topps set cool 

Team cards are cool. Cards of managers as players are cool. All-Star cards are cool. Teeny Tiny pictures of Hall of Famers are cool

My favorite card on the page 

I'm tempted to go with the Mets team card. The idea of having a vintage Berra is appealing. But, that's a pretty lame Berra. So, I'll go with the other manager...Larry Bowa. The picture is nothing to write home about. But, I enjoy the color combination. And, the star logo is always welcomed.

What would your answers to those last two categories be?


  1. Coolest card is the Larry Bowa. I thought so when I was a kid, too.

    My favorite though is the John Hiller. One of those cards I pulled out of the first packs I bought. I really liked that particular card. Had no idea he was on his way back from a heart attack.

  2. Bowa for coolest, but I'll give my favorite to Larry Lintz just because he's an Expo.


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