Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don’t Forget about the #BYBHub!

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting pretty excited. (And, let’s face it….if you weren’t anything like me, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.) Pitchers and Catchers report in just two days!

I know that I’ve said in the past that there’s nothing that annoys me more than Spring Training. I hate the mindless dribble coming from Florida. The media is stretching to fill reporting space out of nothing. But, it’s still a significant marker along the way to summer. It’s truck day increased tenfold. It means that actual baseball games will be played sooner rather than later.

Already there have been pictures and videos of real baseball players going through real activities on real grass wearing real short sleeved shirts. There’s so much wonderfulness, that, right now, I know you want to gobble up as much as you can. Once the season starts, that insatiable appetite will only increase.

In which case, I’m glad you’re here! Thanks for choosing Section 36 to help get your baseball fix. I know this will be a great season here in Section 36, and hope that you’ll be along for the ride to enjoy every single post.

But, once you’ve sampled everything that there is to see here, what next? Why not check out the BYB Hub. I’ve mentioned it's the logo on the sidebar over there. It’s a site showing a collection of great baseball blogs for you to look at. You’re almost assured of finding another one worth reading. (After you come here every day, of course.) New blogs are added all the time, so if for some reason you don’t find a favorite (well, second favorite) right away, keep looking. There will be one there soon.

After all, we’ll all want to read as much baseball as we can from as many different places as we can. Differing viewpoints are what make baseball reading so much fun. The BYB Hub is certainly a perfect place to find those different views.

Of course, there’s also a link to Section 36 on the BYB Hub. So, once you get there, you may find yourself coming right back here.

Which would be just fine with me.

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