Monday, February 2, 2015

Congratulations Patriots!

Once again, Boston is the "City of Champions."

Once again, we're all reminded of how that really is the case.

Remember when the patriots won in 2002? (By the way, can we talk about how annoying it is that the 2001 season champs are crowned in 2002?) The Red Sox had the team come to Fenway for an Opening Day visit. The Red Sox were introduced as a team, as an homage, and the team itself burst out from behind the American flag to a huge cheer. It was a nice moment. But, slightly sad. It was the Red Sox needing to celebrate someone else's championship. Not quite as sad as giving Ray Bourque a parade for winning a Cup in Colorado, but close. "We haven't won in 80-something years, but now we can celebrate someone who did!" When the Patriots did it again in 2004, and the Red Sox again had them back, it was almost worse. "Sure, we lost in crushing fashion in the ALCS, but these guys didn't! Let's remember that instead!"

Then the Red Sox won one themselves in 2004. Along with everything else that changed, the Sox were on more equal footing. The 2005 Opening day was a ring ceremony! Oh, and the Patriots won again too. But, the Sox weren't hitching their wagon to a winner anymore. They were a winner too. Suddenly, it was a mutual celebration. A shared experience. That was so much better.

Then. everyone else got in on the act. Everyone celebrated the Celtics victory. The Bruins showed up everywhere after they won too. The City of Champions was out in full force.

So, when the Bruins skated with Patriots hats the other day, it wasn't sad. It wasn't trying to get some publicity off another team's success. (OK, it might have been that too...) But, it was actual support for a fellow local champion. Even the Celtics, who are now the farthest removed from their most recent championship, and apparently the farthest from getting a new one, can have the Patriots celebrate with them and simply be a mutual celebration. It's amazing. Is there another city where tweets like these would have the same feel to them?

They really have a feel of "We're all in this together" instead of "Glad at least one of us is good."

How lucky are we all?


  1. I don't know which is going to be more enjoyable...the Super Bowl championship itself or the desperate attempts by others to "prove" they cheated.

  2. These are great years to be Boston fans. I remember the 70 and 72 Bruins and the mid 70's and Bird era Celtics but it was a lot of years with nothing to celebrate


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