Monday, August 2, 2010

Boy Wonder

It’s appropriate that some people referred to young Theo Epstein as “Boy Wonder” when he took over control of the Sox. Boy, does he make me Wonder.

The trade deadline passed this weekend. The Sox had a lot to do in order to make a run at the playoffs. They needed bullpen help more than just about anything. The Sox needed an outfielder. With Ellsbury out for a bit more, and Cameron apparently needing lots of extra rest, a quality back-up outfielder would be huge. They had Mike Lowell tearing up his rehab starts. Since the Sox were apparently in no hurry to add him to their roster, he needed to be sent away. Luckily, there was a lot of good going on with the team. Injuries to stars were starting to go away. Ellsbury is on rehab assignment. Pedroia can start ramping up the rehab again. Victor Martinez just returned, allowing the Sox to stop using their third string catcher. So, how did the Boy Wonder improve his team? Anyone?

He traded for a back-up catcher. What? He traded away a bullpen arm. Huh? He designated his back-up outfielder for assignment. What’s that now? So, he filled a hole that was no longer there, and made two other holes worse? Umm…Ok.

He couldn’t have traded for a decent catcher a month ago? Why did he wait until now? He didn’t have the cash/PTBNL that would have gotten Austin Kearns? Like I said, the Sox have their stars returning. I didn’t need a big splash. I needed some improvement to get the best offense in baseball back up and running.

I’ll cut Theo a little slack in the lack of movement in the relief corps. Grabbing other team’s closers is an expensive way to go about it. If he wants another team’s set-up guy, he can probably get it through a waiver trade without having to settle for a mediocre closer like the Yankees did. He just needs to actually make a move for a middle reliever, and fast. Theo still has options. Honestly, he can probably even still get a not-so-bad bat. (the lone advantage of being in third place) He just has to improve this team so it doesn’t look like he’s given up on the season. He better not be saving everything for next year.

That sure looks like what he’s doing.


  1. Supposedly the Sox had a three team deal in place that would have ended up with Lowell going to New York, but just like every other Lowell deal, it fell through. The Sox wanted to trade Lowell, but with his injury concerns the other teams all wanted the Sox to pick up the majority of his salary and they didn't want to do that much. Most of the teams that the Sox talked to wanted Casey Kelly because the Sox already have 6 starters on their major league roster and are now moving AAA starters to the bullpen, but there was no one out there worth dealing Kelly for.

    Yeah, Theo dealt a reliever, but it was a reliever having a terrible year. If you can get anything for him, bring up a young arm from Pawtucket who may do better and probably can't do much worse.

    The only bullpen arm that was dealt that I thought the Sox should have been able to get was Ohman. I think the Sox had plenty of pitchers on the same level as what the Marlins got that they could have traded. Why not trade a Bowden or a Doubrant to sure up your bullpen.

  2. If the Sox don't want to pick up Lowell's salary to send him elsewhere, they should play him. They pay his salary one way or another.

    I know they can still get a reliever. But, not picking up a bat was crazy.

  3. So, where do the Sox play Lowell? Beltre, Youk and Ortiz are the top three offensive players for the Sox. Why would you want to sit any of those players? Giving him the longest amount of time possible to get healthy so that a trade can go through isn't the best move for all involved? Lowell would already be on another team getting playing time if it wasn't for nagging injuries to begin with. Why not give him time to get healthy so he's got that opportunity again? It would be one thing if the Sox were out of it and were looking to pick up pieces for next season and beyond, but they're right in the Wild Card race and have to play the best players possible.

  4. Off the top of my head, Lowell could have been on the bench with the big club, as a better option there.


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