Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Win

Last night’s victory was about as big as it gets. After blowing a fantastic Lackey start last time out, he wasn’t so sharp last night. Thankfully, the offense covered for him this time.

The game had all the makings of a crushing defeat. The Sox had ample opportunities against Kazmir. They were hitting the ball all over the place, but just couldn’t deliver the crushing blow. When the Angels kept creeping ahead, it looks like it would be a bad night. You just knew you’d look back at the game, and curse all the missed opportunities along the way. As you watched the scoreboard, you could see the Rays won, and the Yankees were on their way. It was going to be a bad night.

But then, the sort of thing that happens to all good teams happened. How many times have you watched a Yankees highlight, and screamed, “That’s how they won?” For the Red Sox last night, they tied the game late on a wild pitch. They scored the eventual winning run on a bases loaded HBP. If there’s a more pathetic way to score two runs, I’d love to hear it. But, in the end the Sox won a game they needed to win. Lackey ended up hanging on for the win. He’s starting to remind me of Mark Buehrle. Announcers were always praising the guy because he always worked deep into games. They just ignored the fact that he was always giving up six runs in those seven innings. Lackey often keeps plugging along going deep into games, even when he’s not on top of his game. Last night, that might have made all the difference.

The other recent news concerns the Red Sox centerfielder. It appears that young Jacoby has yet another broken rib. It is claimed to have occurred following a collision the other night. I didn’t actually see the collision, but the news certainly leaves some unanswered questions…especially considering the season Ellsbury has had. Not a lot of people break their ribs in a collision with a pitcher. Did this injury have anything to do with his other slow to be diagnosed broken ribs? Did he come back too soon, before the other ribs were ready to hold their own? Does Jacoby Ellsbury have ribs made out of styrofoam? It’s just too many coincidences there. At least maybe this will make a definitive decision for the Sox. Ellsbury is most likely done. So, they can make a move of some sort knowing that. They don’t need to wonder how much he’ll be playing. That should make it easier. It will also stop the moronic reporters from asking every member of the Sox if they think Ellsbury is taking too long to recover. They don’t need distractions.

They need victories.

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