Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Check Out My GOATS!

I mentioned last time, that my most recent COMC shipment had cards that hit a few of my different collection areas. This is another one that really came about almost entirely because of COMC and the ease in picking up odd singles from across sports.

You may remember not long ago I picked up a Serena Williams card. It had occurred to me that stars in some other sports can be had fairly cheaply. I already had the cheapest Tom Brady RC...the Football GOAT. I have a Bill Belichick RC...so the football coaching GOAT. I had a Tiger Woods rookie...the men's golf GOAT. Then the Serena...the women's tennis GOAT? Could I put together a GOAT rookie card collection? It started to sound like fun. So I started to see who else I could add relatively cheaply. Honestly, the tricky part with some of these was deciding on what sort of card was their "rookie", especially since I want to avoid the SI for Kids cards if possible. Sometimes I had to decide on my GOAT based on which cards were actually available. In the end, I came up with these... 

Do you agree with my choices? Let's have a look, shall we?

Annika Sorenstam. The women's golf GOAT. In general, I used other sources to try and determine GOAT status. Many sites listed her. Would you agree?

It didn't take much research to decide Simone Biles is the women's gymnastics GOAT. The only trouble was deciding what her rookie card was.

Yup. The rookie card of David Bryant. The lawn bowling GOAT. I told you there would be some variety in this collection.

Roger Federer. The not exactly undisputed men's tennis GOAT. 

Marta, on the other hand, seems like a pretty unanimous decision as the women's soccer GOAT. 

Another choice that's not so clear, but Diana Taurasi got my nod as the women's basketball GOAT.

For basketball...I had some trouble. I'm obviously not going to be able to afford a Michael Jordan rookie. But...maybe his "baseball rookie"? Maybe a baseball rookie where's he's pictured taking a basketball shot? I think that may be just the ticket.

As an alternative, I also grabbed this one, even though it would be tough to even call this a "baseball rookie". It's a much better card, though.

And, just in case none of those qualify, I did grab this back-up GOAT card of LeBron. If nothing else, it has the Carmelo RC as well, so would likely fit in the Hall of Fame RC collection at some point if nothing else. 

And, if you're going to have a GOAT collection...you really should have an actual goat. Right? Sure, I could have gone with a recent Allen and Ginter one. But, this Disney card from the 30s was just too perfect to pass up.

And, there they are. The newest GOATs. Would you have selected different players for each slot? 

Who else should I chase?


  1. I appreciate seeing women's sports well-represented.

    Who to add? Wayne Gretzky, Edwin Moses, Bonnie Blair, Aleksandr Karelin, and Michael Phelps come to mind as clear GOATs in their respective sports/events. Babe Ruth, too, but I can't imagine what an early Ruth card would cost!

    1. Great additions. The olympians can be tricky to figure out what a "card" is, let alone "rookie card". But those are definitely ones worth trying to make a ruling on. I'll be sure to keep Gretzky and Ruth in mind if I ever see a cheap one. Although, should probably chase Orr instead.


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