Wednesday, May 25, 2022

2022 Topps Series One Hanger Pack

Cards are so hit or miss at Target that you never know what you'll find. Sometimes it's ten boxes of Heritage, sometimes it's a lonely hanger pack. At least it keeps me on my toes! Let's see how this attempt to feed the cardboard addiction went. Not as many cards as usual, but you never know.

Let's see how this one went!

Here's the box. Err...pack...err...I don't know.

I guess this would be the pack. Just the one. I know it's a thick one with a bunch of cards. But, still, it seems less satisfying to just open the one pack. I think I'm mentally telling myself there's only one chance to get something good, and my mind doesn't like that as much.

I nice card of JD here. Glad to see he's heating up along with the rest of the Red Sox offense.

I like this shot of Xander. Although, I want to know more about it. The fans in the stands don't seem too excited. So, did he just draw a walk? His face suggests he just did something positive. But, I'm guessing he's not running hard to first. Or did he just score a run?

Speaking of guys I'd like to see get hot. How much better would the Sox be if Barnes was pitching like an all-star again?

I keep hoping those uniforms will grow on me. Not yet.

Not sure there's more I can say about this Hernandez card. What a photo!

So, there we go. For a pack with not as many cards as usual, there was quite a Red Sox haul. That's always a nice turn of events.

Does your mind convince you you're getting less with these packs too?

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