Thursday, July 22, 2021

2020 Topps Chrome Update Blaster!

Another box that I picked up at some point when I found them. When I stumble upon blaster, I grab a few and open them up when the mood hits. Hopefully you still care about these cards...if you ever did.

Let's check it out!

As always, here's the box.

And here are the packs. Four cards per pack still amazes me. You're done with the cards before the cast off wrapper hits the table.

This would have been an exciting pull if I opened this last October. Is it still a good pull?

A Numbers Game insert of Ryne Sandberg. And, look...there's his number. While I don't mind an occasional retired player, I'd prefer there be a decent reason other than "here's his number"

I seem to get this card a lot. And, there's a reason for his inclusion. We're celebrating past all-star games in this set since 2020 didn't have a game itself. Perfect reason to include Ortiz.

Always nice to get a card with writing on it! No idea who this guy is. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good pull.

Another Red Sox! While I'll always enjoy adding a Devers, I'm curious about the set. The Decade's Next...what exactly? Definitely a "mail it in" set with no real theme and no real design.

Nice card of Red Sox bullpen ace Josh Taylor.

Another card that would have been great to pull last October. Still enjoy grabbing one now.

So, there's the box. Some hot rookies, an auto, and a couple Red Sox. I'd say it was a success.

How did your box go?

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