Monday, July 9, 2018

Join Julia Crane at Fenway for Vermont Night Tonight!

As I mentioned recently, baseball teams have been trying a lot of different ideas for drawing fans to the ballpark. Naturally, some are
good and some are bad. Some are short term fixes, and some are long term solutions.

One idea that Fenway has embraced is theme nights. To that end, tonight the Red Sox are hosting Vermont Night! I was at this event last year, and had a fun time. I would expect there to again be mascots from different Vermont teams there to hang around with Wally and Tessie. Maybe the song
selections will have a Vermont slants. 

Of course, the biggest draw is always the appearance of Miss Vermont. Tonight you’ll have the chance to be in the same building as recent visitor Julia Crane as she proudly wears the Miss Vermont crown and sash. It will be sure to make an already fantastic
night even better. Be sure to get in your seats early so you can see her introduced on the field.

And, should you bump into her, absolutely tell her how much you enjoyed her interview with Section 36.

You should also politely ask if you can take a picture with her…with Section 36 in the background, of course!

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