Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy 36th Darnell McDonald!

Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to former outfielder and fan favorite Darnell McDonald!

McDonald was an outfielder on the forgettable 2010 to 2012 Sox teams. He had a little bit of Daniel Nava in him. He had a better pedigree than Nava, being a former first round pick. But, in the decade since then, he had appeared in less than 100 games. So, there was an “off the scrap heap” feeling to him. When he started performing well, the fans fell in love with the story. He played a couple hundred games for the Sox, before leaving town.

I saw McDonald play live five times in 2010, and he started four of those games. In those games, he hit a couple homers, and scored a couple runs. All the while playing a solid outfield.

The addition of Carl Crawford in 2011 spelled the basic end of McDonald’s playing time. He only appeared in one more game I was at the rest of his time in Boston.

But, he was still a popular player while he was here. He did a great job filling in when the Mike Cameron experiment failed miserably. That’s really all you can ask out of a player.

Happy 36th Darnell McDonald!

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