Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wantlist: 1975

This list is for cards I need to finish my complete 1975 set. I have previously listed my wantlist for the 1975 Red Sox set. Some cards show up on one list, or the other. I assume some cards show up on both lists. If they’re on both lists, I’ll need two of them. If they’re on one list, I only need the one.

17 Dave Concepcion
50 Brooks Robinson
180 Joe Morgan
199 1961 MVP’s
201 1963 MVP’s
204 1966 MVP’s
206 1968 MVP’s
220 Don Sutton
223 Robin Yount
246 Cardinals Team/Manager
284 Ken Griffey
304 Pirates Team/Manager
308 ’74 RBI Leaders
320 Pete Rose
347 Mike Caldwell
466 A’s Celebrate
500 Nolan Ryan
511 Rangers Team/Manager
531 Reds Team/Manager
540 Lou Brock
554 Rich Gossage
560 Tony Perez
561 A’s Team/Manager
616 ’75 Rookie Of’s (Jim Rice)
622 '75 Rookie Of's (Lynn)


  1. I'm working on this set too, so let me know if this wantlist is still current. I think I have maybe 250-300 cards so I may have a few doubles you need, and we could do a trade...

    P.S. I think it was you collecting '75 that inspired me to go for a pre-1980 set (other than '75, just to pick something different than you). I remember doing a lot of thinking, and finally deciding on '75, at that point having forgotten my original plan to do one other than '75. Then recently I saw you again mentioned you're going for the '75, and I was like, Oh yeah that's right! So I guess the good news is we could do some trading if you want.

  2. You can put this page to rest 😀


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