Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Tell me There’s More to the Story

Please tell me there’s a reason the Sox didn’t sign their top priority other than money. Please tell me it’s not just Theo showing off again. Please tell me there was a reason the Sox couldn’t add $8 million for the only guy they really needed to resign.

Please tell me its because they needed the money for Carl Crawford. Please tell me the Sox didn’t want to pay him the money to play a lot of first base because Adrian Gonzalez will be at first base for the next seven years. Please?

It’s weird. I never thought the Red Sox were going to get Victor Martinez. I knew they try to avoid those “albatross” contracts. I knew they wouldn’t give him the four years. So, I had sort of removed the idea of V-Mart from my head. So, I’m not sure which is worse. That they lost out over $8 million, or that they actually offered the fourth year, but still tried to cheap it out. Apparently it wasn’t that extra year that was the problem after all. They were just too cheap? Say it ain’t so Theo.

So, what happens now? Clearly the tandem of Tek and Salty will be handling the catching duties. Once again, Theo will try to show off and pay two cheap guys to do a job worse than the expensive guy would. They certainly better not spend any real money to grab another free agent catcher…assuming there are any. So, the Sox have a remaining hole in their line-up over at third. I will put myself in the “not Beltre” camp. His history of only performing in contract years is a little too consistent for my liking. I’d rather try the other corner. Obviously, a big gun in the “Fielder/Gonzalez/Pujols” area would be the ideal. But, I think the Sox could get away with a “steady” bat in that area. A Derek Lee/Lance Berkman type could fill in for a while. At least until the Sox get one of those other three at the deadline.

That really better be what the lack of V-Mart signing means. They need the $120 million plus to get one of those three. If waiting until the deadline cuts down on the prospects you need to give up, I’m OK with that. If you’re SURE you can sign one of them after the season, I’ll play along. For one year, I’ll take the batting line-up of Ellsbury-Pedroia-Ortiz-Youkilis-Drew-Cameron-Saltalamacchia-Lowrie-Scutaro. Really, when you pair that with the Lester-Buchholz-Beckett-Lackey-Matsuzaka rotation, that’s not so bad. Pretty good really…for a year. After that, the money needs to flow. Cliff Lee? Carl Crawford? Adrian Gonzalez? Prince Fielder? Albert Pujols? One of these guys needs to be squarely in the radar. They need to be practically signed and sealed with offers they can’t refuse.

Please tell me that’s the case.


  1. I'm not so upset with letting V-Nart walk. They now have 40 Milllion to spend elswhere and got 2 draft picks ontop of that.

    Myself i would like to see Beltre back. I think his non contract year problems were just from being a right handed batter in Seattle.

    As far as your opening day lineup - subtract Cameron and add Kalish.

    40 Million potentially could land Beltre, an arm for the pen, and either Lee, Werth, or Crawford. Personally though I don't think they absoulty have to sign either Werth or Crawford.

  2. Yeah. Kalish is obviously in their plans. I'm hoping though that he's Ellsbury's replacement after swapping Ells for A-Gone

  3. Do you read The House That Dewey Built? He just recently posted a nice article about past players that the Sox have let walk. He did forget about the compensation picks, a point that I'm always quick to bring up in these types of discussions, but someone brought it up in the comments.

    I'm of the mindset that Martinez wasn't worth this much money for 4 years. He makes a premium for hitting that well for a catcher, but Cleveland had begun transitioning him to first and he won't stay behind the plate much longer. If the Sox had landed Martinez years ago when they first attempted acquiring him, I'd be all for extending him, but if you sign V-Mart to this deal and then he moves to first after two years you are then overpaying.

  4. A Gone is great but I don't see him as a guy we have to get. I would be just as happy with Dunn who gets on base at an even greater clip than Gonzales.

    As far as Kalish and Ellsbury go how would you guys like a Ellsbury for Reyes swap and let Ryan take over the outfield?

  5. I can't get too excited about compensation picks. Sure, they might be something. But letting a sure thing walk away for a chance at something that might be as good doesn't make much sense to me.

    v-Mart was one of the best hitters on the team. Even as a first baseman, he has value. Plus, our current DH isn't getting any younger, nor is he signed long term.

    As for Reyes...I don't know how he's been doing. Hurt, or lousy? I think I could support the swap as having a lot more upside than downside though.


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