Thursday, November 25, 2010

List of 36: Things I was Thankful for from the 2010 Red Sox Season

1. Clay Buchholz’s all-star selection
2. Being at Fenway on Aug 31 for Lowrie’s walk-off HR
3. Lowrie pinch hitting for Nava pinch hitting for Navarro
4. Ortiz earning his option
5. Ryan Kalish’s sneak peek
6. Jon Lester’s continued progression
7. Adrian Beltre’s head rubs
8. Tim Wakefield doing whatever was asked of him
9. The solid play of Marco Scutaro
10. Adding Josh Hamilton to my “seen live” list
11. Terry Francona’s Wednesday interviews
12. Daniel Nava’s first pitch grand slam
13. The players never giving up
14. Being at Fenway to welcome Manny and the Dodgers
15. Beltre abusing the monster
16. Being at Fenway for Youkilis’s walk-off sac fly on July 17
17. Keeping score
18. Having room on my scorecard for “Saltalamacchia”
19. Darnell McDonald’s performance
20. Trade rumors
21. Adding Cliff Lee to my “seen live” list
22. Ice cream in a helmet cup
23. Terry Francona’s line-up creativity
24. John Lackey’s good starts
25. Being at Fenway to welcome Manny and the White Sox
26. AAA players on-call
27. Magnet schedule give-away
28. Red Sox grass seed mix
29. Being at Fenway for Pedroia’s walk-off single on June 19
30. Victor Martinez’s all-star selection
31. Adrian Beltre’s Silver Slugger
32. Tim Wakefield’s 200th Fenway start
33. Beckett-Lester-Buchholz-Lackey-Matsuzaka
34. “Visitor’s Views”
35. Staying in the hunt
36. The potential for the 2011 Red Sox

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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