Tuesday, January 24, 2023

2022 Topps Archives Blaster!

More Cards! Today, let's try another box of 2022 Topps Archives. I know I opened one of these not too long ago, but it's always good to open more. Right? Plus, with so many different designs in one set, it's almost like a new set every time. It makes it all a lot more fun.

How did this box go? Let's find out!

Still love how Topps went with the archive feel on the box as well.

And the packs as well.

So, "archive" on top of "archive" on this one. A player from 100 years ago on a design from 45 years ago. I'd say it just works.

Not a Red Sox card, but I had to wonder if the ad placement behind Johnson was intentional. 

Oooh. Lookie here. I never get a Red Sox hit, so this was pretty cool. Even if it's Pedroia. I love the 1992 Topps design on this card. The colored borders really work with the rest of the card. Simply elegant.

And there we go. Not many Sox cards, but quality definitely made up for the lack of quantity. I'll take that trade any day.
How did your box go?


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