Monday, November 29, 2021

2021 Topps Series Two Big Blaster Break!

I'm actually assuming that these aren't called "big blasters" but I honestly don't know what else to call them. So, that's what I'm going with. The cards are the same as last time, but there's just more of them.

Let's see how it went!

Here's the box. It's apparently a Target exclusive, which is cool. I should also be on the lookout for exclusive Juan Soto cards. Good to know.

And, since the front didn't mention it, the top of the box mentions all the extra packs I'll find inside.

Just look at them all!

Chris Sale looking especially tall. 

An Arauz rookie. Great shot of number 36!

A fun throwback design of Rafael Devers. The picture captures a lot of action, but doesn't present the best face for Devers.

A nice celebration team card showing the team having a pretty good time.

A sparkly green card of some Yankee. 

A nice action shot of Matt Barnes. The horizontal format really works for this shot.

Look! It's the exclusive Juan Soto I was supposed to be looking out for. Apparently he's not kidding around. The black background is nice too. Wait, are they supposed to be black? this a numbered variation? Well done by me!

Basic shot of Arroya batting. I think the cropping really works on this card.

Another rookie. Another crazy action photo. 

Great shot of Eovaldi staring down an opposing batter.

Michael Chavis wondering if he should take another base. I really like these "posed action" type shots. Clearly this is the middle of a play, but it's still a well composed shot.

And, then there's the opposite. As I said last time, this might be the best action shot in the set.

And we close it out with Vazquez threatening to gun down another baserunner.

So, quite the haul. Obviously, the extra packs gave extra opportunities. But, the Red Sox turnout was much appreciated, and the Soto parallel made sure it was a decent box. Very nice all-around.

Have you opened any of these?

How did it go?

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