Friday, September 11, 2020

Landry Champlin Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Landry Champlin is passionate about living fearless, a talented singer, and the current Miss Plano. I was thrilled that she was willing to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more! I’m just as excited that she is the first visitor to Section 36 from the state of Texas!

So, let's see what happens when Landry Champlin visits Section 36!

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Plano crown?

I was so fortunate to have my best friends from Oklahoma City University in the audience the night of Miss Plano! Needless to say, after I was crowned, we enjoyed some much needed IHOP and took the iconic “sleeping crownshot!”

What did you learn about yourself at the Miss Plano competition that will help you whenever you compete for Miss Texas?

Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity! Oftentimes, it is so easy to look around the dressing room at the other candidates and begin to compare yourself and your qualifications for the job. However, at the Miss Plano competition, I remained authentic to my character while finding gratitude in the little successes throughout the day! As I continue my journey to the Miss Texas crown, I will always call upon my experiences staying true to myself. 

What surprised you about your time as Miss Plano?

As a longtime candidate in the Miss America Organization, I am constantly looking to better myself and redefine what it means to be the best public figure, leader, and titleholder I can be. This being said, I was surprised just how much I have grown as Miss Plano, despite having completed several years prior. The COVID-19 Pandemic brought on countless opportunities to grow in my online influence and my ability to communicate virtually! Additionally, I found an amazing support system in my board of directors and now have an even deeper understanding of what it means to intentionally create long lasting friendships!

How did you select your social impact initiative, “Live Fearless: Defining Life Without Limits”?

As a child, I was diagnosed with a rare speech impediment called “blocking.” For most of my life, I was not able to articulate simple sentences, introduce myself to new faces, order my own food at a restaurant, let alone succeed in an organization characterized by public speaking. When I began competing in the Miss America Org., I quickly realized the direct correlation between confidence and success in regards to my ability to speak in front of others! Needless to say, I faced my biggest fear of stuttering in public and developed a passion for articulate communication. I found tremendous growth stepping outside of my comfort zone and vowed to make the most of every opportunity I was given. I created my social impact initiative and school program with one focus: Living Fearlessly. I aim to inspire everyone to face their own adversity head on and find confidence in fearlessly pursuing their dreams, just as I did in the Miss America Organization.  

As a talented singer, what do you enjoy most about performing on stage?

As a longtime performer and vocalist, I have always aimed to create an emotional shared experience for each audience I perform for! I believe the most intangible, meaningful forms of communication come from the arts, specifically music. During my talent, I strive to evoke powerful emotion not only in the judges, but from every audience member in the auditorium. My favorite part of performing onstage is feeling the magic of the lights, crowd, and most importantly, the music. If one person is moved by my performance, I have done my job. 

What is your personal fitness routine?

I am a fitness JUNKIE! I begin my day with an early morning workout consisting of weight training and cardio! My FAVORITE workouts include cycle classes, deadlifts, squats, and climbing on the StairMaster! I have a passion for clean eating and partake in a low carb diet that is also rich in protein! I prioritize sleep, exercise, and proactive organization to ensure that my physical and mental health consistently remain the best that they can be. 

If you could be a Disney Character for a week, who would you choose? Why?

If I could be any Disney character for a week, I would choose Mary Poppins! I have always been inspired by her tenacity, genuine heart, and passion for achieving the impossible! Mary once said, “Anything can happen if you let it.” I believe in this wholeheartedly, especially when I am speaking to children about overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals! Overall, Mary inspires the best in all of us and sprinkles a little magic along the way!  

If you had an extra ticket to a Rangers game, who would you take with you? Why?

I would take my brother, Grayson! I was so fortunate to grow up going to Ranger games with my younger brother and parents! We had seats near home plate and I will never forget how much fun we had cheering on our favorite team and watching the fireworks! My brother and I especially had a great time eating all of the ballpark desserts, looking out for foul balls, and singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” at the top of our lungs. Needless to say, I would love to recreate those experiences with my brother! 

Is there a feature or activity at a Rangers game that you’d especially like to experience?

Amidst the pandemic, the Texas Rangers opened their new ballpark, “Globe Life Field!” This brand new facility sits next to the old stadium and is complete with a retractable roof and upgraded seating and restaurants! As soon as it is safe to do so, I would love to attend a game in this space and learn more about their new home!  


It’s always fun to get to explore a new ballpark!

As always, I want to thank Landry for visiting with us, and for sending along the wonderful picture to go with the interview.

As Landry continues her time as Miss Plano, I encourage you to check out her official Instagram account. It’s a great way to keep track of everything she has going on!

I also definitely want to wish her the best of luck whenever she competes for the Miss Texas title. It would be wonderful to have Section 36 visitor wear that crown!

Thanks again Landry, and good luck!

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