Friday, December 19, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2000 UD Black Diamond Diamond Gallery


This must have been a game of some sort. How can we make the most distracting card around?

After all, I can’t imagine why else a card company would subject collectors to this.

What was the focus here? The tiny picture of Pedro that is obscured by the diamond designs? They’re probably going for a “baseball diamond” idea, but they didn’t really get there. They have the speckles. They have the unreadable gold foil. It’s just a mess.

The one decent aspect is that the name of the insert set isn’t the most dominant part of the card. But, that’s probably because there’s so much going on that there is no dominant feature. I suppose another good feature is that Pedro’s name, team, and position are right in the middle, and facing the correct direction. But, when you distract from that with all the mess on the rest of the card, I’m not sure how many points I can give them for that.

This is just nauseating. 

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