Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What a Year!

Sure, the Red Sox season wasn’t nearly as wonderful as we all hoped and expected. The Sox haven’t signed every free agent that we hoped they would. But, that didn’t mean that there hasn’t’ been a lot of interest and activity surrounding the Sox in 2014. What have people seemed the most interested in this year?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Section 36 posts of 2014. Well, at least the most popular posts written in 2014. For some reason, this post is always the most viewed post is every tabulation.

Just recently, I wondered “How much do Players worry about Legacies.” I think it’s an interesting question. Does being a local legend appeal to them at all? I think it would to me.

Despite of, or maybe because of, the poor season, people seemed interested to know what I enjoyed about the season, or what I was thankful for about the season. Contrary to what the EEIdiots may have you believe, apparently the readers of this blog enjoy seeing the good about this team.

I’m really glad that the Picture Pages post garnered so much interest. Seeing all the different pictures that people submit is really one of my favorite parts of the blog. I’m glad that other people agree.

People must love their coffee. The post about collecting Dunkin’ Donuts Sox items was viewed by quite a few people. Does that mean there are a lot of DD collectors out there?

The Scavenger Hunt looks to be a popular activity. Two of the most viewed post were the one announcing last year’s winner, and the one listing the items for this year’s competition. Hopefully this means I can expect a lot of entries when the contest ends in a month or so.

Readers must like baseball cards too. My post describing My First 2014 Topps Cards was another popular one. Apparently you were all as excited as I was to see the new cards firsthand.

It was also fun to go back and reread the popular “Two Big Signings” post. After almost a year had passed, would you still feel the same way I did when the post was published?

While those were the most popular posts, hopefully every post has been enjoyed by at least some of you. It’s been a lot of fun writing all the posts this year.

It would be nice if it was fun reading them as well!

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