Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collecting the Sox: The Trophy

One subset of collecting “championships” is the trophy. There might not be anything that screams “the team just won the World Series” quite like the trophy. As such, it can be found on any number of collectables.
 If you like bobbleheads, you can focus your collection to just those with players holding a trophy. Or, make sure you get the Coke cans with a trophy on them. Many baseball cards show people holding the trophy. There are pictures, and t-shirts, and replica trophies, and…you get the idea. The list is endless.

Submitted by Mark
There’s one even more specific collecting area that you can go for. The actual trophy.

The Red Sox have done a great job of sharing the trophy with the fans. I don’t know if this is unique to the Red Sox, or if the other teams do this as well. I’m sure all the trophies re on permanent display somewhere. But, do they bring them around from place to place? The Sox bring it (them) all over so people can get an up-close look at it, and take their picture with it. That allows you to amass quite a collection of yourself with the trophies without as much effort as you might think. Usually the trophies are presented as a part of some other outing. They’re not usually just stuck in a gas station for an hour. They’re at an event with players. Or, at a charity event. Or, at least, a sporting goods store. So, you’re not just chasing down the trophy. You’re at least doing something worthwhile with your time. Then you can take your picture wherever you see it. What a great display that would make.
Submitted by Mark

You can use those pictures to track time, as the trophy collection has grown. You can put a picture of you with just the 2004 trophy next to one of you with two, followed by a shot with all three. What a progression. I have pictures with two trophies, and three trophies. I never got my picture when they only had the one.

Or, maybe as a travel log. How many places can you get a picture of the trophy in? Personally, I have taken the picture of the trophy in two places. I bet many of you have more.

How many places do you have?


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. My grandson had a blast that. Day. He couldn't even sleep the night before knowing he was going to see the trophies. The room the Sox showed the trophies in is a small private lounge. The walls were lined with beautiful black and white photos of all the Sox greats from the past. Needless to say he also got a history lesson that day.

  2. When I think back to the years before 2004, it makes me even happier that my answer to your question is: I've lost track.


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