Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Greedy!

It’s so hard to keep perspective.

If you got a score from yesterday’s game, it wouldn’t look too bad. The Sox lost 3-2. Lester went 7, Verlander went 8. Bummer, you’d think. Tough loss. But, that’s what happens sometimes when you’re facing the reigning Cy Young/MVP winner on the road. Go get ‘em Saturday.

The actual results are either better than that, or worse than that. The bad part? The bullpen allowed two of those runs. None of the relievers exactly got rocked, but they allowed too many base runners. So, they wasted a strong comeback by the offense. That sucks.

But, the rest of the news is pretty promising. Let’s face it. The Sox aren’t the first team to be shut out by Verlander for eight innings. They won’t be the last. But, when they had the chance, they jumped. Once the bullpen came in, they pounced all over a pretty darn good closer. I’ll take that from a line up. And, the rally was a whole team effort. It was wonderful to see. It would have been way to easy to pack it in. But, they didn’t.

It was also great to see Lester come out strong. He matched Verlander almost zero for zero. That’s a pretty good offense over there in Detroit too. Holding them to one run in seven is about all you can ask for…even from your ace. If that’s what we can expect from Jon, it’s going to mean good things.

Of course, the important part is to build on this. Saturday’s game should be a continuation of everything that was good about the ninth inning. Beckett needs to outpitch an opposing pitcher that he should certainly outpitch.

Go get ‘em Saturday.

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