Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opening Day Package

I know I’m a little late. But, I wanted to mention a great surprise package of cards sent to me from Jim over at The Phillies Room. To celebrate the new season, Jim sent over a collection of Red Sox cards for me. As always, they were very welcome. Let’s take a look at a selection of the cards sent my way.

The package was heavy on Heritage. That was great since I have yet to buy a pack of it this season. It was nice to still be able to add some Sox cards to my collection. Looking them over, I have to wonder if the photographer told the players not to smile. Kevin Youkilis couldn’t look like he was having less fun if he tried. Maybe he was still nervous that Josh Beckett would find out he told everyone about beer and chicken. Speaking of Mr. Beckett, check out the AL ERA Leaders card. Yup. That’s Josh Beckett’s floating head in the lower left corner. Silly me. I thought he had a terrible year and was the sole reason the Sox missed the playoffs. But, here he is on a league leaders card. Huh.

I’m really glad to get the Carl Crawford card. This year I’m trying something new with my collecting habits. I’m buying fewer packs, and more sets. It seems like it’s working out well. But, it limits the number of inserts I get. So, it was nice to be able to pick up the Crawford with those pretty red borders.

The same would apply to the three inserts on the bottom of the picture. With the set buying mentality, those cards might have escaped me. Not anymore.

Thanks to The Phillies Room!

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