Monday, April 23, 2012

Grey Skies are Going to Clear Up!

The Sox have had a bad start. I get that. But, really, wasn’t that expected? Look at the teams they were playing. Texas? NY? Detroit? Tampa? Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those all playoff teams last year? The only team the Sox have played that wasn’t a playoff team was Toronto. They took 1-3 from the Blue Jays in Toronto. Oh, and the Sox did this all without their all-star left fielder, and their all star closer. Oh, and half the time they didn’t have last year’s most valuable positional player in the AL. So, basically, we’ve learned that the Sox can’t beat playoff teams with three arms tied behind their backs. Big whoop. If the Sox were 9-5 this season, I’d be amazed. But, now things get more reasonable. Here’s are the teams the Sox will play over the next five weeks. Minnesota, Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore, Kansas City, Cleveland, Seattle, Tampa, and Philadelphia. Phew. That looks much better. Most of those teams the Sox should be able to take with three arms behind their backs. They also should have Crawford back halfway through that run. Ells might even be back by the end of it. By the end of May, this team will be in a much better position. All the doomsday proponents are going to look mighty fooling on June 1st.

Plus, the Sox with have Marlon Byrd for those games. I know he’s not the answer to everything. He might not even be the answer to anything. But, if you’re going to be without Crawford and Ells for a while, Byrd is a fine fill-in. Once those two are back, it makes the Sox bench much better. I heard some people complaining that the Sox gave up a young pitcher for a hitter when it’s their bullpen that really needs the help. The nicely ignored that Bowden was one of those bullpen people not performing. So, why is it such a loss? It’s a nice move that gets rid of a spare part for a need. Could Bowden finally blossom into the star some thought he’d be? Sure. That’s the chance you need to take sometimes.

I’ve also heard way too many people complaining about Bobby Valentine. Why? Which moves have he made that Tito wouldn’t have? What would Tito have done that Bobby didn’t? The only move I can think of so far that I have questioned is leaving Bard in one batter too long. But, I understand it. He needed to see what Bard had. He needed to see if Bard could get out of a jam. He needed to build trust. So, he gave Bard a chance to get out of trouble himself. It didn’t work. But, other than that, I think he’s done a fine job. Get off his case.

Things will look better soon.

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