Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Once Was Lost…

…Now is found

A couple weeks ago I was looking through one of my miscellaneous binders. I noticed a Frank Robinson autographed card I had gotten through Nabisco many moons ago. I believe it was $5 and some sort of proof of purchase. I thought to myself, this is a card I need to try to move. It’s an autograph of a Hall of Famer that is being wasted sitting in my miscellaneous binder. There has to be someone who would enjoy this more than me.

Not two days later, I noticed a trade post with a blog I was unfamiliar with, The Lost Card File. I checked it out, and found a great site. There were posts of a man cave creation, and of various cards added to the collection. There was also a page of “lost cards” that at one time needed to be sold, but that wanted to be replaced and returned to their rightful spot in the collection. As I scrolled down the list, there was the Frank Robinson Nabisco! That had to be fate. So, I sent off a note. It turns out that I also had some Lineage relics that were needed, so a trade was worked out for the whole lot. Here are just some of the beauties I received in return.

I buy almost all of my cards at Target. As such, my exposure to high-end brands like Tribute and Tier One is almost none. That made it great to add a couple of examples in this trade. They are gorgeous cards that, naturally, look much nicer in person than they do in the scan. The trade also included a stack of 206’s I needed to fill out my Red Sox team set. Those are always welcome. The Pedroia pin card is a nice piece too. As a rule, I don’t know what to make of these manufactured cards. Are they a card? Are they a matted souvenir? I don’t know. But, it’s a card celebrating a Red Sox World Championship. That ranks it pretty high in my book. The key to the deal has to be the Tier One Iglesias auto. This slick fielder is the Red Sox shortstop of the future. A high-end auto is something I would never ordinarily get. It really is a nice looking card too. It’s a simple design that displays the signature well, without making a card that looks like it’s made for a signature.

I couldn’t be happier with the trade. I got some great Sox cards, and the Robinson found a good home.

Thanks to The Lost Card File!

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