Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second is the First Loser

As we allow Jere to bask in the glory of his Scavenger Hunt victory, I wanted to recognize our runner-up. This is a very important position. If, for any reason, Jere is unable to perform the duties of the Scavenger Hunt Champion, the runner-up will be asked to step in and complete the reign.

This year’s runner-up is Bryanne. As a frequent photo contributor to the blog, I expected a strong entry from her. I wasn’t disappointed. She held the lead until Jere just snuck by her at the last minute. (OK. The last 36 minutes) Let’s take a look at the entries Bryanne sent in!

Thank you Bryanne for the wonderful pictures, and all your efforts. I hope you had a great time with the contest, despite your second place finish.

And once more, Congratulations Jere!


  1. Wow, she got the Jenga! I looked all over Yawkey Way Store for that one....

  2. The Ed Jurak card I used as a model for the "drawing of a Red Sox player" I made for the contest was in the cards that were part of the prize!


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