Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Aren’t the Sox favored?

I heard the EEIdiots discussing Roy Oswalt the other day. They were suggesting that there was no reason for him to come to the AL East, and especially the Red Sox. Why would he leave the comfort and ease of the NL unless it was for a chance at a ring? That ruled out the Sox, they said. Why would that rule out the Sox?

Last off-season, the Red Sox were overwhelming favorites to win the World Series. What’s changed? A couple pieces of the starting rotation? Were expectations really that high for Lackey and Dice-K that we should expect a dramatic drop off? I didn’t remember anyone singing their praises last April saying they were the keys to the season. Can it really be about the number four and five starters?

Or a questionable shortstop? Is the ability of our number nine hitter the key to it all? Were we expecting an MVP season from Scutaro? I know I wasn’t.

Or closer? That can’t be it. Flipping one all-star closer for another all-star closer can’t possibly be the downfall of the season. Can it?

The questionable bullpen? Is there a bullpen in baseball that isn’t questionable? Weren’t there questions last year? Is this a new concern?

Isn’t the answer to all of this “no”?

It can’t possibly be because of the end of last year, can it? Are they really not the favorites because last season their #3 starter got hurt? He’s back now, remember? Are they not the favorites because last year Tim Wakefield was a distraction? Did they not see the wonderful retirement ceremony? Did they not see this offense almost carry a pitching staff that injuries left in shambles? Are they planning on the 3-5 starters going down again? Because you can play that game with any team.

If anything, shouldn’t the events of last year be a good sign for this year? Will this team take even one game for granted? Will they start Kyle Weiland against the Rays in September? Will they be anything but the most driven team in history? In 2006, the Sox missed the playoffs. In 2007, they kicked butt as they had the best record in the league.

Why won’t that happen again?


  1. I think the end of last season has a lot to do with why people aren't considering the Red Sox the "favorites" in 2012.

    They didn't do much to improve this off-season, while the Yankees did upgrade their starting rotation.

    On the bright side, oftentimes it's better to be the underdog. Win, and no one will remember pre-season predictions.

  2. They didn't improve this offseason because they improved last offseason. They didn't have any moves left to make this year. Other than getting Clay healthy.

  3. They definitely won't be starting Weiland in September. If I remember correctly, he's an Astro now

  4. Yup, we traded Weiland and Lowrie to Houston for Melancon in the pen. Not really sure why on that one.

    I think we're not favored just because every "analyst" predicted the Sox in the WS last year. They didn't want to look retarded two years in a row.

    That's ok, underestimate us now, we'll prove them wrong in September. With the exception of Paps being gone, this team already looks and sounds stronger. It'll be a good 2012, just like '07.

  5. Adam_the_Yankee_FanMarch 8, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    5 reasons the Sox are not favored:

    1. They are using the last 2 spots in the rotation for 2 releivers who have never had sustained success as a starter in the bigs, and in Bard's case, never in his pro career
    2. There is less confidence in the 4 & 5 hitters.
    3. The #3 starter has never pitched a full season.
    4. While Crawford was viewed as a stud last year, he is considered a bum this year.
    5. Last but not least, I think it is because it is generally beleived the Yanks, Jays, and Rays are going to be better this season, and the Sox have done very little to improve their team comparatively.


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