Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prophet Sent It

When I offered free cards not so long ago, Prophet was quick to claim the Marlins giveaway. Yup. I was surprised there was a claim for the marlins as well. Instead of a straight give-away though, it turned into the start of trade talks. In return for the cards I sent along, he sent a wonderful sample of cards from my wantlists. A few of them look like this:

It’s a nice selection of cards, mostly from the 2010 releases. The Bowman Chrome Pedroia is great. I didn’t have many cards form that release, so it was nice to add a few more. The Ortiz card is a nice looking card. It’s from a couple years ago, but shows a nice entry in the vintage card look. The rest of the cards are from the 2010 Topps or Topps Chrome sets. Unfortunately, I have already put the cards in my binders, and the scan doesn’t really show which ones are chrome very well. But, I believe the entire Chrome team set was sent over, which is fantastic. The selection of regular Topps just about finished off that set as well. The standard Topps issues are always tough for me to get. Whenever I’m buying blasters, I always go for the “other” brands, taking flagship Topps for granted a bit. Every time, it’s always, “OH, they have Bowman this time. I’ll get those, since they always have Topps.” Then, it’s the end of the year, and I’ve selected blasters of every other brand, and never gotten around to getting the Topps that they “always” have. So, those were a great addition. Just about the whole selection of inserts from the set was included as well. The Topps Attax are a little goofy, but they are a colorful addition. The Boggs “Cards Your Mom Threw Out” offering is a great reminder of a card I’ve always wanted, but never quite gotten my hands on. I still line the look of the Turkey Red quite a bit. There’s enough design to it, without being cluttered. The Lester-Carlton card is another wonderful one. The match-up of two great left-handers is actually one of the more direct lineages included in the set. I can only hope Lester comes close to Lefty’s performance…in a Sox uniform. So, another great package from a fellow blogger.

Thanks again to the prophet!

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