Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Collecting the Sox: Christmas

This is the perfect time of year to be looking at ways to add a little Christmas cheer to your Red Sox collection. I’ve already touched upon one of the obvious ways to do this: ornaments. Christmas tree ornaments are clearly a quick and easy way to add a Red Sox flair to the festivities. There’s another simple one as well. Santa.

Santa Claus quite often finds himself cheering for the Red Sox, as most everyone should. And, I suppose that makes sense. After all, “He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot.” Certainly doesn’t sound like a Yankees fan to me. So, if you look around, you can find an almost endless supply of Santa showing his membership in Red Sox nation. There are Santa caps proudly displaying the Red Sox logos. There are statues of Santa in full uniform. There are plates and posters and anything else you can imagine. If you look around you this time of year, it’s almost impossible to miss.

Beyond that, this time of year provides countless other ways to celebrate. Wreaths showing Red Sox colors look great hanging on the door. An inflatable Red Sox snow globe would look amazing in the front yard…even if it’s a bit harder to display in a Red Sox room. Red Sox snowmen abound. You can even make one yourself in the front yard if you’re lucky enough to have snow. Throw a Red Sox hat and jersey on your very own Frosty, and you’ve got a perfect seasonal Red Sox item. I wouldn’t suggest storing that one in your Red Sox room either, though.

The Best part of Red Sox Christmas items? In a couple weeks, the stores will be clearing them off their shelves. That means great deals for anything still left over. A smart shopper could fill up a display case of Red Sox items without breaking the holiday budget. It’s perfect.

Anyone have a favorite Red Sox Christmas item?


  1. Out here in the midwest there is no Red Sox Christmas stuff to be found at all.


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