Monday, December 20, 2010

Where’s the Creativity?

Why aren’t baseball caps more creative? They’re almost all the same thing. They take a hat made in the team color, and place the first letter of their city on the front. That’s about it. With all the marketing research that everybody puts into everything these days, that’s the best they can do?

Sure, teams with two letters in their city name sometimes mix it up a bit. We’re all aware of the interlocking N-Y that the Mets use on their caps. (As well as that other team) St Louis goes really wild, using three letters overlapped. A little extreme there.

Every once in a while, a team goes way outside the box. Florida went a little nutzo. Instead of just their letter, they included a picture of a fish. The Indians used the Chief Wahoo logo. The Orioles have a picture of a bird that would make Audubon proud. Is that seriously the best they can do? Some sort of letter combination or logo stuck on the front of a plain hat?

It wasn’t always quite so bland. The early LA Angels hat had that halo around the top. The Blue Jays and Expos went the extreme route of including a white panel in the front of the cap.

Where are the designs like the Bengals football helmets? Where are the color patters using the entire cap as a canvas? Why aren’t the Yankees hats pinstriped as well? Why can’t the Rockies cap have a mountain range wrapping around it? Should the Red Sox wear a stocking cap? The Sox on the “hanging sox” logo have some design to them. What if the Sox hats had the stripes on them to replicate the elastic top to the sox? Or the squares replicating the reinforced heels? What about something to set them apart from every other team out there.

Bring back the Pirates and their stovepipe hats.


  1. Agreed. New Era already make hats with different color schemes for each team. Some incorporate logos and letters into the hats.

    I'd love to see something different.

  2. Everyone hated the hanging sox logo hats so much that they will never put them on the batting helmet.


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