Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

How quickly can fortunes changes in a division race? In no time at all. The Red Sox went from being tied at the top, to having a 2-game lead, back to being tied in a matter of hours. It was remarkable really. It’s also remarkable how people still think it’s tough to make up ground if you need to. One weekend, and things were flip-flopping all over the place.
The Sox finished up the road trip we all expected them to have a lot of. They dominated weaker opponents on the road. They had their way with other teams. They simply took care of business. Until, of course, they ran into Justin Verlander. They’re not the first good team to be chewed up by the Tigers ace. I can’t exactly fault them for it. But, the rest of the trip? A job very well done.

Nor can I really fault them for laying an egg last night. After playing a double header on Sunday, and a late night of travel, I can forgive them for not being in top form. Even Lester. While he didn’t have to deal with the late night travel, a bad game happens. He wasn’t getting calls he wanted, and lost a little focus. If it happened all the time, it would be a problem. It doesn’t. It might not happen again this year. So, the Sox lost two in a row. I can’t get too upset about things.

The Sox have a choppy little homestand coming up. After going three weeks without a scheduled off day, they’ll have three in two weeks. They could use the rest. All the late nights, prime time games, and double headers are taking their toll. The bullpen is trying to keep up with the new lack of depth resulting from the injuries. They’re doing a great job at it.

Red Sox baseball is a lot of fun at the moment.

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