Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Scored!

It’s really hard to look at the scorecard and not see the glut of runs scored by the Red Sox. So, we might as well start there. The Sox scored a ton of runs. Fourteen of them to be exact. Which team was the victim of this barrage? The top of the card tells us. The New York Yankees. You’d probably assume the Sox got lucky and faced one of their pathetic rotation members. You’d be right. It doesn’t show on the card, by the Yankees starter was AJ Burnett. Looking down at the Red Sox box, you’ll see that the Boston starter was Junichi Tazawa. Really, once you saw the Burnett Tazawa match-up, you had to expect blowout.

How did the Sox score their runs? Lots of power. The Sox scored on a 3-run homer, a 2-run homer, and a 2-run double. Six batters had an RBI in the game. Who had the best game? That’s a tough call, as it often is in a blowout. I’m going to go with Kevin Youkilis. He had two home runs on the day, and drove in six runs. Dustin Pedroia also had a good game, scoring four runs. Victor Martinez scored three of his own before being lifted. Pretty nice production from the 2-3-4 batters in the line-up.

The goat of the day? Has to be Jacoby Ellsbury. His five hitless trips to the plate did their best to derail the offensive train. JD Drew and Jason Varitek gave him some stiff competition. They each posted two strikeouts, although at least Drew had an RBI double.

Really, it was a pretty impressive offensive output considering it was really only from five guys. The 2-6 batters scored 13 runs, and drove in 12. Wowsers.

So, it was a great game, even if the weather was apparently a bit hot. Anytime the Sox can dominate the Yankees like that is a good day. The rookie Tazawa held the Yanks at bay for six innings. It was an inning longer than AJ Burnett was in the game. The big bats did their job, and the Sox absolutely cruised to a late season victory.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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