Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walk-off Pix from 36

Loyal reader Bryanne was kind enough to send in more pix. This time it was from Sunday’s game. Let’s not waste any time and see what she sent us.

I like this shot of the seats. There’s some grime on the floor, but it makes for a nice picture.

OK. I guess that one is for the ladies.

This is a great shot of the Carl Crawford mob. When I see celebration shots like this one, I love the inclusion of an opposing player. In this case, it was Ichiro’s misplay that allowed the winning run to score. I can just imagine what is going through his mind as he is forced to run right by the celebration.

And here’s a shot of our benefactor, Bryanne herself. Looks like she’s enjoying the result of the game very much. Thanks again Bryanne!

Keep those Pix from 36 coming!

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