Friday, May 6, 2011

Section 36 Bingo

Introducing the Section 36 bingo game! This can be played the next time you’re at a game. I’ll admit to being a bit conflicted with this activity. Naturally, if you’re at the game you should be watching the game, not playing games. But, I realized this wasn’t much more of a distraction than keeping score. Plus, it means you have to stay in your seats and watch the whole game for the best chance to win. I can definitely get behind that. So, here’s how it works, even though I’m sure you all know.

I set up a page with 36 different Section 36 bingo cards. Before you head out to the game, decide how many people you think might be playing, and print out that many different bingo cards. (Make sure you pick different ones, or the game won’t be much fun.) While you’re at the game, pay attention. When you see something in the game, or in the stands, that matches a space on your card mark it off. First person to get five in a row marked off horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins. The winner yells out “Bingo” nice and load so the rest of the players know the game’s over. This also allows the people sitting around you to look over, point, and make fun. So, it’s really a game for everyone. Obviously, if you want to play with some different rules, that’s fine. Maybe you want to fill in the corners. Or, fill in the whole card. At a baseball game, it might be fun to have to fill in a diamond. If you’re really clever, you can almost get the marked blocks to make a “36.” It’s all up to you.

So, print out some cards, and have a blast!

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