Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Should I Wear?

It looks like I’m going to be lucky enough to go to a game in Pittsburgh this season at PNC Park. I won’t be fortunate enough to be there when the Sox are visiting. But, the chance to add a new park to my pathetically short list is exciting to me. It does lead to a problem I’m having that I need your help with.

Which hat should I wear to the game?

Obviously, the first option is my standard Red Sox hat. It’s on my head for every game I go to. But, this will be my first non-Red Sox game. Do I want to be the guy who wears a hat of a team not even playing in the game? I always think it’s weird when I see people wearing Yankees hats to a Red Sox-Mariners game. I’m not sure I want to be “that” guy.

The second option is to go out and buy a Pirates hat to wear. This isn’t a bad option. I’m not sure I like the idea of professing support for a team other than the Sox. If I were going to Yankee Stadium to see a Yankees-Rays game, I certainly wouldn’t buy a Yankees hat to wear. I don’t think the Pirates hat would be exactly the same thing, but it still feels weird. Really, my main issue with this option is having a Pirates hat after the game. I have no idea what I’d do with it.

The third option is to make use of a hat I already have. I had relatives living in Nashua, NH in the mid 80’s when the Pirates had their AA team there. So, I do have a “Nashua Pirates” hat. It’s the really cool stovepipe version of the hat. The main problem? The hat is a little beat up. OK. It’s really beat up. But, I like the idea of going old school. I wonder how many people in PNC Park will know where the Pirates had their AA team 25 years ago. It also allows me look like I’m supporting the Pirates without actually supporting the Pirates.

So, there are the options I have come up with. Which one do you think I should go with? Leave your answer in the comments section. If there’s a fourth option I haven’t thought of, you can vote for that one too. Please help.

Now I just need to hope the game isn’t sold out.


  1. This is the only acceptable Pirates hat.

  2. This is easy. You should wear a Phillies hat.

  3. I try to pick up a cap as a souvenir when I visit a new ballpark, so I'd go with that option. (I couldn't bring myself to buy a Yankees or Phillies cap, though.)

  4. Wearing the colors of a team not playing is extremely lame. Go with the old school hat you already have. Like you said, it appears to support the Bucs (who need support) without actually turning your back on the BoSox. It also saves you some money that can go towards Red Sox gear.

  5. Although I see NO problem wearing the hat of the team you like ANYWHERE, my choice here would be that sweet Nashua Pirates hat. It will be fun to see people's reactions and you could have them try to guess what team it is.


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