Monday, May 2, 2011

Sox Carl’d out of Potential Hole

So, here’s where we are. It’s May second. The Sox are currently 12-15. They sit 5 games out of first place. And, that’s after pulling out a win on May first. What does that mean? Well, last year on May second the Sox started the day at 11-13. They were 6 games out of first. After 27 games last year? They were 13-14, 6.5 games back. So, last season, the Sox were worse off then they are now. Great, you’ll say. The Sox missed the playoffs last year, remember? And, that’s completely correct. The thing that’s missed in that argument? In mid-May last year the Sox were an amazing 8.5 games back. BUT, by June 21, the Sox pulled back to within a half game of the lead. Of course, within the week the Sox lost Pedroia for the season, and V-Mart for a month, and then Youkilis. So, they never made up that last half game. But, if they don’t lose three of their best players? I think the half-game would have been doable. The Sox are closer than they were last year. They have to be healthier. Things look pretty good from where I sit.

They also look pretty good from where Carl Crawford is sitting. I know it probably looks a little pathetic when you’re excited about an RBI from a $20 million player. But, that’s a huge RBI. He’s been getting some hits lately. He’s been making very loud outs lately. Now, he made a tangible contribution. He made a direct contribution to the victory. The Sox were down to their last out in the inning, and he came up with the RBI. If that’s not a mental turbo-boost, I don’t know what it. What’s the next step? Get him out of the eighth spot. Let’s show Carl that the team believes in him. He’s a member of the offense. They don’t need to coddle him. He’s now expected to produce. He can just go out and play the way we all know he can play. Get him in one of the top three spots for tonight’s game. Leave him there from here on out. Let Carl be Carl.

Of course the elephant in the room (almost literally) is Bobby Jenks. I’m not going to say very much about him. He stinks. He hasn’t been pitching well. I’m guessing he won’t get a meaningful appearance for a bit.

Buchholz missed some time with the flu. Weaver apparently missed his start with the flu. Perhaps the Sox should especially avoid fraternizing with the Angels on the field before the game tonight. What do you say?

Let’s get rolling.

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