Thursday, June 2, 2011

Card of the Week: 1984 Topps #82

So, it looks like Topps had two chances to get a decent shot of Mr. Bird, and failed miserably in each case.

I like the 1984 Topps design. It’s another case where I like the length of the “Red Sox” name. It seems to fit well into the space provided. “Reds” is too short, and ends up looking like they’re trying to fill space. “Diamondbacks” would have been too long and crammed in. But, the “Red Sox” length is just right. It’s also great that both the team name and player name are easy to read, and easy to find when flipping through a stack. The left side placement of the team name really makes looking through a box for Red Sox cards a breeze.

But, then we get to those pictures. The nice part of the dual photo design is the ability to get a good look at the player in the headshot. In Bird’s case, though, it looks more like a mug shot. The headshot also allows the larger photo to show more action. Which is exactly what Topps has done. They have Bird actively looking at his glove. Woohoo. So, while the concept is a great one, in this case it wasn’t exactly pulled off.

Better luck next time.

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