Saturday, June 25, 2011

Card of the Week: 2011 Topps #315

Leading up to this weekend, there has been plenty of discussion about what to do with David Ortiz in National League parks. Should he sit? Should he play first base? Should he pitch? Let’s see if this card can help us out. Yup. Right there on the bottom. “Designated Hitter.” Seems pretty clear to me.

I love the photography in the 2011 Topps set. They have so many great action shots. I actually notice while casually flipping through a pack of cards how great the pictures are. This David Ortiz card is no different. The horizontal format works perfectly with the photograph. It allows the card to focus on Ortiz and the Catcher, without any empty space above or below. Ortiz is captured mid-swing, with the ball almost on his bat. Perfection.

The backs of the 2011 card has an interesting feature. They tell who was on other cards of the same number in previous Topps sets. For instance, David Ortiz’s card tells us that card number 315 in the 1996 set was Deion Sanders. I’m not entirely sure why I care. I wonder who got to flip through 60 years worth of cards to find the most interesting person to list. What a job.

It’s just a great card.

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