Monday, February 5, 2024

Go Red! 2014 Topps Update Target Red David Ross

February is American Heart Month. As a nod to the Go Red for Women activities going on this month to help raise awareness, I thought I'd contribute several "red" themed posts sprinkled throughout the month.

Let's talk about this card...

Clearly another member of the 2013 World Series Championship team. You don't see a lot of cards with players showing off their rings like this. I think it's great that Topps took advantage of having Ross in the Update set to include a picture from 2014 like this one. It's a great departure from the standard baseball card photos. 

Once again, there are like 36 different shades of red on this card, whcih messes with my brain more than I'd like. But even that can't detract from this card celebrating my favorite World Series title.


I'm sure you all remember Miss District of Columbia
Jude Maboné from her interview with us. Her "heart health" community service initiative is, obviously, quite relevant this month. As such, she's supporting the Simon's Heart campaign this month (and every month). I highly recommend you join her efforts with a donation if you are able. You can find the link here.

Support her efforts, and Go Red!

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