Thursday, February 29, 2024

2024 Topps Fat Packs Opening

The first cards of 2024! Ok, well, the first cards of the 2024 baseball brand year. You get the idea. It's 2024 Topps! There’s nothing quite like opening the first back of a new base set. I really love the design of the 2024 Topps set. It has a more vintage feel, as opposed to going space age like several of the past releases. I know that "neon" may not scream "vintage" to prople, but I was getting tired of all the geometric shapes in gray steel. This has an older, simpler, feel to it. Even with the neon. It’s also nice that I haven’t read up on the checklist very much, so there were some fun surprises included. I had no idea there would be Grffey inserts, for instance.

How did the packs go? I'm glad you asked.

Here are the packs. If you're super observant, you'll see that they've already been opened. You'll just have to excuse my forgetfulness and trust that they are the right packs. 36 cards in each of these packs, which is obviously the perfect number.

The first Red Sox card of 2024! Kenley Jansen gets the honor this time. Jansen has been showing up on this blog a lot lately. I guess as last year's only all-star that's allowable.

A super shiny card of Enmanuel Valdez! No idea what parallel this is, but when a card is this shiny it's good to flip it over.

There we go, numbered to 199. Always nice to pull a card like this because I doubt I'd ever acquire it another way.

And there you have it. Out of the 72 cards, I pulled two Red Sox. Not bad, I suppose. I'm sure I'll be opening plenty more of this as the year goes along.

If you want to see the rest of the packs, go check out the opening on my YouTube video. And feel free to like/subscribe while you're there.

Open any of this yet?

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  1. I opened way more of this than I should have but I don't regret it. I really love this "Neon Sign" design for the base cards and parallels. Speaking of parallels, congratulations on pulling a real nice Red Sox parallel!


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