Thursday, October 7, 2021

2021 Topps Heritage Hanger Boxes

I'm not usually a big fan of these boxes. But, when packs of any kind were hard to find, I decided I needed to get whatever I could. There's a distinct lack of "opening" enjoyment involved with these. I mean, there's just the one pack you actually open inside. So, it's like getting two packs instead of two boxes. Not sure if the different colors are supposed to mean anything or not.

Let's see how it went!

Here are the two boxes. I will be sure to be on the lookout for Real One autographs and relics.

And, the first "pack". I wonder how good the top card would need to be for me to leave it unopened.

A Red Sox player and the hedge! Such a unique concept.

So...I'm glad I opened the pack.

On to the second pack. I'm definitely opening this one.

Another Red Sox. But...but...where's the hedge? And who is Zack Godley?

Another one! And, again, no hedge! This is getting weird now. Neither Godley nor Bradley were on the Sox in 2021...maybe that has something to do with the photo backdrop?

Back to the hedge! 

Hard to call these boxes anything other than a resounding success with the big Hayes hit. The rest of the boxes are just a nice little bonus at that point.

Do you usually open these boxes? How do they go for you?

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  1. Godley was one of those warm bodies the Red Sox threw out there during the forgettable 2020 season. He appeared in 8 games, went 0-4 with an ERA over 8. Just the kind of guy you want a cardboard reminder of!


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