Thursday, November 26, 2020

List of 36: Things I’m Thankful For in 2020

 As I like to do every Thanksgiving, I wanted to run down a list of things I was thankful for during the last year.

1. Completing the "season"
2. Time for reading books
3. Vintage Red Sox cards
4. Picking the right season to reset the luxury tax
5. JD Martinez not opting out
6. People wearing Section 36 gear
7. The left side of the infield
8. Enjoying my 1975 Topps Set
9. Unique 2020 collectables
10. Video submissions
11. EdRo getting healthy 
12. Twitter followers
13. Pictures with Section 36
14. The Astros losing
15. Opening blasters
16. Instagram followers 
17. The Yankees losing
18. People who’d rather be in Section 36
19. The Yankees losing
20. JBJ in center
21. Facebook likes
22. Games on the radio
23. Alex Verdugo's potential
24. Topps Holiday cards
25. Visits from titleholders 
26. A visit from Miss America
27. Christian Vazquez
28. Fellow bloggers
29. Comments on posts
30. The continued success of Section 36 Pageants
31. Fun with cardboard fans
32. Bobbleheads
33. The incredible growth of Section 36 Music
34. Cora's return
35. The promise of 2021
36. Readers like you


  1. Love that you have the Yankees losing twice. Any symbolic reason you chose #17 and #19 for them?

    1. Ooh. I wish I had thought of putting them at significant numbers. But, no.

  2. Good on you fir finding a silver lining in this awful year. I'm hopeful the Sox can sign George Springer and make another run in '21.


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