Monday, September 10, 2018

Magic Number Drops to Eleven!

Oh, sure. This weekend didn't go exactly as planned for the Red Sox. I would have much preferred winning the series 2-1 as opposed to losing it by that margin. But, in the end it doesn't really matter. If they can pick up the pace a bit for the rest of the homestand, thy'll but the division to bed very quickly.

Is there anything you can take away from the series? Sure.

Apparently, the Astros are a terrible baseball team. I was at the ballgame on Saturday along with, apparently, half of Houston. Every time the Astros made a catch that took more than three steps, the Astros fans erupted in cheers. Or, if a pitcher struck out a Red Sox batter, standing ovation. A home run, and you'd worry about the stability of Fenway Park with all the hooting and hollering. So, clearly, these aren't things the Astros are expected to do, or things their fans are accustomed to seeing. I hope the Red Sox never trade Jackie Bradley to Houston...they may all explode with excitement his first game.

The popular narrative following the series is that it proves just how bad the Red Sox bullpen is, and how it will kill them in the playoffs against quality teams. A quality team just like the Astros. But, as I've mentioned time and time again, bullpens are just tricky like that. The Red Sox have bludgeoned other teams' bullpens as well. Even other playoff teams. Even in this series. For instance, in the three games the Red Sox bullpen was responsible for two blown saves, and a loss. The amazing Astros pen was charged with...a blown save and a loss. Not exactly bone and spirit crunching. So, as I've been saying...The Sox bullpen may cost the Red Sox a game in a series. But, so will their opponent's. It's just a matter of which team takes advantage better.

David Price's performance was certainly encouraging. Pretty sure there's nothing you can take away from him with that start. He was against a playoff team. They weren't on their getaway day. Fairly certain it was their regular lineup. This was him pitching really well against a really good team. If he keeps this up, I really like the Red Sox chances.

So, basically, from here on out, the Red Sox just need to sweep the Yankees. If they do that, they don't have to win another game the rest of the season. 

But, I'm pretty sure they may pick up another one or two wins along the way.


  1. The Houston Texans were also in town to play the Patriots. That might explain the big Astros contingent.

    1. I thought of that after I saw some social media posts of Astros fans at the Patriots game. Must have made for a nice double dip for Houston fans.


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